crafted for lifetimes

Our story started in 1981 when Anil Soni our founding father and mentor was passionate about gemstones and the art of Jewellery manufacturing , starting in his early days with very little on his plate and minimal means to start his business he started dealing with pearls and then slowly forayed into procurement and manufacturing of gemstones and Jewellery.


The company slowly started curating gemstones and manufacturing pieces of jewellery with meticulous precision and passion for the craft he slowly gained access to the international missions and prominent families, having a discerning eye globally.

The Modern day gem whisperer and an enormous love for gemstones helped him slowly curate and helped deal in one of the finest gemstones.


The story of Roab lies in the name , the name goes back to artisans in the field of gold. Anil Soni slowly helped slowly revive the methods lost in the lineage to craft jewellery which was bespoke and timeless , we have today garnished the long most methods and fused it with requisites of the modern day client to make these exquisite pieces of fine jewellery.

Both his sons have stepped in to expand the companies global footprint, who are both Graduate gemologists from Carlsbad California USA.


Craftsmanship in jewelry involves the meticulous and intricate process of creating exquisite pieces using precious metals, gemstones, and other materials. Jewelry craftsmen or artisans employ various techniques, such as casting, soldering, engraving, and stone setting, to bring their designs to life.

The craftsmanship in jewelry is characterized by attention to detail, precision, and a deep understanding of the materials being used. Each piece is carefully with a combination of tools and hand, ensuring that every aspect, from the design to the finish, is of the highest quality.

The craftsmanship in jewelry is not just about creating visually appealing pieces; it is also about creating jewelry that can be cherished for generations. It is about creating something that is not only beautiful but also holds sentimental value and becomes a part of someone’s story.

In a world of mass-produced jewelry, craftsmanship in jewelry stands out as a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion of the artisans who create these wearable works of art. The attention to detail and the commitment to quality make each piece unique and special, reflecting the artisan’s commitment to their craft and the beauty that can be achieved through skilled craftsmanship.


Designing jewelry is a creative and intricate process that involves conceptualizing, visualizing, and creating unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Here are the key steps involved in designing jewelry:

The design process begins with gathering inspiration. This can come from various sources such as nature, art, architecture, fashion trends, or personal experiences. Jewelers often create mood boards or sketch ideas based on their inspiration.

Once inspired, we translate their ideas into sketches. This involves drawing rough outlines and shapes of the jewelry piece, including details like gemstone placement, metalwork, and overall structure. Sketching helps in visualizing the design and making necessary adjustments before moving forward.